1. All dogs must be leashed when entering & leaving the park.
  2. All dogs must have current rabies and all other vaccinations as required by Van Buren County.
  3. Dogs must wear current license tags in the dog park.
  4. Never leave dog unattended.
  5. Dogs must be in full view of and within voice control of their owner/handler at all times.
  6. Dog owners/handlers are responsible for picking up and disposing of all dog waste from their dog(s).
  7. Dog owners/handlers must carry a leash with them at all times while in the dog park.
  8. Dogs in hear are prohibited.
  9. Dogs showing any signs of aggression must be leashed and immediately removed from the park.
  10. Dogs under four months of age are prohibited.
  11. Owners/handlers may only have as many dogs with them as they are able to control.
  12. No food or drink (dog or human) is allowed in the park, except for water.
  13. No bicycles, skate boards, rollerblades, or any motorized vehicles.
  14. Children under 13 must be accompanied by an adult. Use good judgment with small children based on the dogs in the park.
  15. Refill holes dug by your dog, particularly near the fence.
  16. Dog members enter at their own risk. South Haven Dog Park, Inc. and any entities will not be responsible for any injuries.

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